Katie Daviscourt: 'You honestly cannot report on these situations without security'

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Seattle-based Rebel Journalist, Katie Daviscourt and they discussed how progressive policies are making the streets of America far less safe.

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Rebel News' Katie Daviscourt has been covering Antifa for years. Last night she joined Sheila Gunn Reid on the Ezra Levant Show and discussed what is currently happening in Seattle.

"So right now, the Memphis Police Department and Tennessee released a horrifying video on Friday of a police involved fatal beating of someone that they pulled over during a traffic stop," said Katie. "Now, I'm someone that does support the police. I am very pro public safety. I've seen what the defund the police movement has done to Seattle, Portland, the Pacific Northwest."

"This video was absolutely indefensible and it was a murder. That's the only way that you can paint it. All the officers have actually been charged with murder. And we're going to see where the trial takes us. But from his name was Tyree Nichols, and he was a 29 year old black male. And so he died at the hands of police."

Katie continued:

And over the weekend, cities were in an uprising over or across the entire country. And in Seattle, Antifa militants marched in solidarity with Tyree Nichols.

Now, we have seen Black Lives Matter come out and do protests in Seattle, but that is not even what happened here in Seattle.

It was Antifa agitators dressed in all Black Bloc trying to hijack peaceful movements as they normally do because they are all part opportunists and will take advantage of any opportunity given to them.

So they marched in solidarity over the weekend in Seattle and of course, I'm very well known to them. I've been targeted, physically attacked, but they're the modern day brownshirts and the political militia of the Democrat Party that they refuse to denounce. And so it's extremely important to shine a light on Antifa until something is done about their violent behavior towards innocent people, especially press like myself, just trying to show the other side of the story.

"Yeah, It's amazing how Antifa just jumps on every opportunity to riot," said Sheila. "That's what they do and I'm sure they they don't care about Tyree Nichols. They don't care about his untimely death. They don't seem they seem to think that this is internalized white supremacy. Five of the officers charged are black. Tyree Nichols is black."

After also having better security during an Antifa mob, Katie told Sheila that it was "amazing."

"I had four huge security guards surrounding me at all times. I was able to report live. I've never been able to do that before," Katie added.

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