Kimberly Klacik tells the story of her viral Baltimore ad campaign

Kimberly Klacik is the Republican nominee running for U.S. Congress in Baltimore, Maryland.

This is an area that has significant community needs and Kim is running to help and improve her community. I had the opportunity to meet Kim during my own time running for U.S. Congress. We have developed a friendship, and a network of amazing, young private sector people who are getting involved with government and politics for the very first time, to help improve their communities.

Like me, Kim is very passionate about getting young people and private sector involved in government and political leadership. For too long, we have had career politicians, from both sides of the aisle regardless of party, which has resulted in stagnant leadership and negatively impacted communities all around the country.

2020 is the year for private sector individuals to get involved, for young people to get involved and for more young women to get involved in politics so that we can stay focused on what matters: people and communities.

  • By Ezra Levant


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