Kindergartener allegedly left wearing BLOODY mask all day after gym class accident

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Various politicians, bureaucrats and health board officials claim that wearing face masks during the Wuhan virus pandemic is an adroit thing to do when it comes to staying healthy.

But is wearing a blood-soaked mask beneficial for anyone for any reason?

Kaylin Adamo of Hamilton, Ont., is incensed that her son, who attends kindergarten at a Hamilton elementary school, was injured during indoor exercises — a mishap that caused her son to lose a tooth.

But it’s not the accident that has Adamo upset. Rather, she says that her son began to bleed profusely as a result of the mishap  and yet, even then, Adamo alleges his teacher insisted that his mask remain on his face!

Adamo says not even ice was administered to soothe her son’s pain and as the minutes ticked by, the mask absorbed an increasing amount of blood, as if it were a sponge.

To make matters worse, Adamo says nobody at the school contacted her about her son’s injury, meaning he had to remain with a bloody mask on for a prolonged period of time.

However, a spokesman for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board disputes Adamo’s account, noting that “the child received great care and first aid during the incident. Wearing a mask during emergency situations, like when there is an injury to the mouth, is not our priority.”

The spokesman further noted that the school board offers a “Student Mask Exception Attestation Form where students do not have to wear a mask with underlying medical conditions.”

But Adamo says the source of her information is her son  and she has kept the bloody mask as evidence in case litigation beckons in the weeks to come.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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