LA riot caused "tens of thousands" in damage to city property

LA riot caused
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Rioters in Los Angeles are estimated to have caused “tens of thousands of dollars” in damage in a single night of widespread property violence around LAPD headquarters.

Following the disturbance on Monday night, the LAPD stated on Twitter that the impromptu riot, which happened in the wake of an officer-involved shooting in Texas, resulted in “tens of thousands of dollars in property loss.”

“Our people did their very best to quell the violence, and will strive to arrest those responsible for the vandalism and destruction,” the police added.

The police posted video footage obtained by independent journalist Kalen D’Almeida, who captured a scene of several violent demonstrators smashing storefronts. According to the LA Times, the demonstration initially began as a peaceful protest at 9pm but escalated into violence later in the night.

Police say that while no damage was done to the LAPD headquarters, multiple storefronts were vandalized in the area. Rioters also targeted the front doors of the California Secretary of State building. In one instance, several demonstrators set fire to an American flag outside the police headquarters.

Authorities speculate that the protest may have been over the death of Jonathan Price, a young black man who was shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday, allegedly while trying to intervene in a domestic dispute.

Some protesters spray-painted Price’s name in areas the rioters vandalized. Wolfe City police officer Shaun David Lucas has since been fired and charged with Price’s murder following an investigation by the Texas Rangers.

“The preliminary investigation indicates that the actions of Officer Lucas were not objectionably reasonable,” the Rangers said, with ABC News saying the shooting appeared to be "unwarranted" based on body cam footage they reviewed. 


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