Leslyn Lewis came this close to winning — where's the mainstream media?

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On the most recent episode of The Gunn Show, William McBeath from Save Calgary joined Sheila to talk about the disconnect between what the Conservative Party's base actually wants compared to what left wingers in the media think they want.

In this interview, Sheila and William talk about how Leslyn Lewis should've been the breakout star for Liberal media — a woman who “wasn't a politician who didn't have a political background”, who won the Conservative Party leadership vote in Saskatchewan and came close to winning in Alberta.

According to William,

“Leslyn Lewis didn't fit conveniently in one of the boxes that a lot of media like to have when it comes to Conservatives. They're used to Conservatives... being middle-aged white guys who are either suburban or from small towns — I don't think they really knew what to make of Leslyn Lewis.”

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