Single-use plastics are “unnecessary” and “harmful!” Liberals still on track with 2021 ban

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The Liberals are still banning single-use plastics in 2021.  

The reality of the coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of minds about single-use plastics. Municipalities and politicians all across the world are repealing long-standing plastic bag and straw bans to slow the spread of the infectious disease.  

Except for the Liberals. They just can’t seem to learn.  

Trudeau’s merry band of prohibitionists are still reclassifying the lifesaving, hygienic petroleum product as a schedule one toxin in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, along with real killers like asbestos and vinyl chloride.  

Unlike the deadly substances it will be listed with, plastic is the perfect garbage. It’s inert and is easily stored. Use it for its original purpose, then burn it for heat or power. However, it should not be in the environment, but that can be said for all garbage!  

In today’s video, you’re going to see Liberal MP Nathan Erskine-Smith, being utterly confused during a Zoom House of Commons Industry committee meeting by Isabelle Des Chenes, the executive VP of the Chemical Industry of Canada.  

Erskine Smith, in his plastic headset, offhandedly mentions the plastic bags he has in his home (that are definitely not killing him) as he tries to get his head around why the $35 billion per year plastics industry doesn’t want to phase itself out quietly.  

The Liberals keep telling us a second wave of the pandemic is coming. What will the face shields, protective eyewear, intubation tubes, sterile packaging and PPE in Canadian hospitals be made of if the Liberals get their wish to phase out another industry?

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