After months of the harshest lockdown in the world, Dan Andrews is grudgingly removing some of his worst lockdown schemes. It will take us years to recover from his unscientific, erratic punishments — and some people never will.

But we need to make sure this lasts. Because we know there’s nothing Andrews loves more than bossing people around.

Andrews has briefly taken his knee off the neck of Victoria — but we have to remove his ability to ever do it again. That means lifting the State of Emergency immediately.

That’s the source of his dictator-like powers. As long as that State of Emergency remains, Andrews could bring all of his punishments back again, for any reason or no reason at all.

In the entire state of Victoria there have been literally zero cases of the virus for two days running. So now is the time to take away his powers before he has second thoughts. 

Please sign this petition and I’ll personally deliver the petition to Parliament.

We need as many signatures as possible to send Parliament the message that this reign of terror needs to be ended, permanently. 

And once you’ve signed the petition, pleases share this petition far and wide — send it to all of your friends and family.

Otherwise, our newfound freedom is under real threat.