Limo driver can't survive ANOTHER two weeks of British Columbia's lockdown

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“Two weeks to flatten the curve!”

We've all heard those words, right? And we've now learned to be rightfully sceptical of public health officers who were harping that mantra.

After, all we saw how accurate that prediction was earlier in the year, when lockdowns for “just two weeks” lasted for months. In BC, that meant the loss of many businesses, an increase in domestic violence, and a drastic decrease in child welfare calls, likely due to children no longer attending their “safe place” where concerned adults could watch out for signs of abuse.

On March 17British Columbia’s public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry declared a public health emergency, granting herself sweeping powers to speak words into existence and make them immediately enforceable if she so chooses. This includes the more recent restrictions Henry placed on British Colombians, November 7th “just for two weeks,” that included ceasing things like fitness classes, and certain transportation services like private limousine rentals and party buses.

For Gerry McGuire, the owner of A-Ace Limousine, being told to do his part by shutting down his business for two more weeks could mean the end of his business all together.

If you, or anyone you know is a business owner who has been forced to shut down, to run at a capacity that isn't financially feasible, or are ready to open your doors, no matter what Dr. Bonnie Henry says — head to

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  • By David Menzies


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