Fight the Fines case #3 — MacMillan’s Milk Store FINED after installing Plexiglas, adding foot traffic arrows

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Travis and Natasha MacMillan, the co-owners of MacMillan’s Milk Store in Cornwall, Ontario, are the latest victims to be fined by what appears to be overzealous police officers in these crazy coronavirus times.

The MacMillans put in hard work and long hours operating their variety store. Even in the best of times, margins are razor-thin.

But the MacMillans get up early every day to open their store and provide a much-needed service for their community, even during these dark days of the global pandemic.

So, imagine their shock when law enforcement paid a visit to slap the MacMillans with an $880 fine!

MacMillan’s Milk Store installed protective measures

Here’s the deal: to remain open, the MacMillans had to comply with an order that they implement safety measures in their store designed to hinder the spread of the Wuhan virus.

This included installing Plexiglas dividers for the cashiers; putting arrows on the ground to better manage foot traffic; displaying COVID-19 safety tips signage, and so on.

But here’s the rub: once they were made aware of the order to implement these precautions, they proceeded to do so.

But alas, it appears that the MacMillans’ sin is that they didn’t comply fast enough with the order! Yet, surely this is against the spirit of the law?

Tobacco robbery not followed up by police

This is downright egregious – especially since earlier this year, the MacMillans were robbed of almost $5,000 in cigarettes. The late-night theft was caught on high-definition surveillance cameras. Yet when police were presented with the evidence of a real crime, Travis MacMillan claims the cops told him there was “nothing they could do about it.” What?!

Enough is enough. How did we get to this sordid stage in which the makers are punished and the takers are rewarded?

Rebel News is taking their case:

We have hired a lawyer to fight this fine, as part of our Fight The Fines campaign.

Learn MORE and SUPPORT Canadians like the MacMillans, at Thank you!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant

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