Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister continues to target political opponents with arrests and detentions

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Previously a chiropractor, now turned political activist in Manitoba, Dr. Gerry Bohemier was arrested and held in police custody for the crime of protesting the lockdown. Dr. Bohemier was arrested on a warrant issued by a Manitoba justice, even though it was arguably not for an arrestable offence. However, under Premier Brian Pallister this seems not to matter, as he has so far only considered the point of view presented by a small minority of hypochondriacs in the province.

Dr. Bohemier was arrested along with four other members of the community, all on the same day. What's worse, though, is that during his arrest, police notified his wife that this would be a quick in-and-out, yet in retrospect this meant nothing. What was supposed to be a quick signing of release conditions turned into an overnight jail stay. Worse still, Dr. Bohemier says that during his detention, guards prevented him from visiting the bathroom, forcing him to turn his cell into a lavatory.

As Dr. Bohemier alludes to in our socially distanced interview (due to the conditions of his release), this was not just an arrest but also a form of punitive punishment by Premier Pallister, much like we saw recently with People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier when he spent some time in the province.

Throughout Canada, high level bureaucrats are dominating the lives of honest individuals just trying to survive. In Alberta, pastors have been imprisoned just for hosting church services. In Nova Scotia, bureaucrats dictate that people not gather because they might share information contrary to what the government is alleging. It's like something straight out of communist China, but it's the kind of thing being used here in Canada by a so-called conservative named Brian Pallister, who is okay with arbitrarily detaining citizens who may disagree with his draconian rule.

Dr. Bohemier’s experiences, along with those of other detained individuals, show just how punitive Pallister has become. And yet the majority of Canadians are letting a minority of hypochondriacs drive us into the most politically divisive times of our lives.

Hopefully, with the help of people like all of you watching now, we will be able to subdue the authoritarian rule being sought after by our top bureaucrats.

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