Manny Montenegrino on WE Charity: The media is on Team Trudeau

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by friend of the show, and Think Sharp CEO, Manny Montenegrino.

Following the survival of the Trudeau government, Manny and Ezra discussed the ongoing, and increasing, politicization of numerous aspects of Canadian society.

For Manny, the scandal surrounding the WE Charity, and the mainstream media's lack of inquisition on the subject, serves as the perfect example of just what is wrong in Canada:

What's happened over a very short period of time is the politicization of everything.

What used to protect Canadians was a vibrant, independent media. This stuff would not last a day. You don't see of this on CBC, CTV, Global — you see it, of course, on Rebel, and God bless Rebel.

But you don't see it [in the mainstream media]. The media has been politicized. It is a Liberal team. I watch it daily and it is on the Liberal team. We've politicized the RCMP. We've politicized the debates commission. 

We need [these] institutions to be there. 

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