McKenna blames wildfires caused by arson on climate change


If I were an arsonist, I would vote Liberal.

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The massive wildfire that ripped through the Slave Lake-Wabasca area of Alberta last spring was arson.

The McMillan wildfire grew to 273000 hectares before it was brought under control July 1st

According to the CBC,

“Alberta wildfire investigators and the RCMP forestry crimes unit believe the fire was started in near Wabasca around 2 p.m. on Saturday May 18th near kilometre 40 on Highway 754 Northeast of Slave Lake.”

Shortly after the McMillan wildfire broke out in northeastern Alberta, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna blamed Jason Kenney's plan to scrap the carbon tax for the flames.

She told CBC’s Cross-Country Checkup that Jason Kenney “shouldn't ignore climate science — especially in the face of wildfires raging across the western province.”

And that's not the first time McKenna has attributed an arson induced fire to climate change.

Last winter she tweeted,

“Canadians are feeling the impacts of climate change on their health, from deadly heatwaves in Quebec last summer to asthma-inducing smoke from B.C. forest fires.”

But those BC wildfires that hit the year before? The ones that were so asthma-inducing? Also arson.

RCMP fire investigators say that arson is behind as many 29 wildfires that burned the Okanagan for the four years between 2014 and the summer of 2018.

Change the weather. Stop arsonists. Is there nothing a carbon tax can't do?

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