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Mexican Immigrant: Canada is making the same mistakes Mexico made 30 years ago — Integrity March (Part Four)

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Rebel News was in Ottawa over the weekend to cover the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) Integrity March on Parliament Hill.

A crowd of around 5,000 marched and protested against the undemocratic way Justin Trudeau arbitrarily banned 1,500 models of popular shotguns and rifles — in the middle of a pandemic using an Order in Council (OIC) so he didn’t have to put the issue to debate in Parliament.  

I met a man who escaped violence in Mexico to become a Canadian. He explained to me how a left-wing Mexican government brought in extreme gun control laws that led to the unintended consequence of the barbaric gangs controlling many parts of Mexico today.

He told me he fears Canada is heading down the same path.

Standing up for Canada’s law-abiding firearms owners is so important to us at Rebel News that we sent two reporters and two cameramen to Ottawa to make sure the other side of the story was told. We know you can’t trust the bought and paid for Liberal media.

So, I flew in all the way from Alberta to stand up for my fellow gun owners.

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