Michael Bloomberg bankrolled Biden campaign in Florida... and lost

Michael Bloomberg bankrolled Biden campaign in Florida... and lost
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In the weeks leading up to the election, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he would be spending $100 million to ensure that Florida voted for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. Bloomberg stated in mid-September that the expenses were spent due to tightening polls in Florida.

“The infusion of cash comes as polls indicate a tightening of the race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who are deadlocked in a recent Marist Poll, and as Floridians start voting by mail at the end of the month,” Politico reported. “Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is in double digits yet remains relatively low for a Democrat who wants to carry the state according to surveys of Latinos in Florida and Miami.”

Bloomberg’s money was spent on TV and digital ads and “communicating with Hispanic voters will be a key part” of the strategy, according to a press release from Bloomberg’s Independence USA political committee issued to The Washington Post.

Politico reported:

Vote-by-mail ballots voters start going out in six days to overseas voters. For domestic voters in the United States, the ballots will start being mailed out on Sept. 24. Biden plans to visit Florida on Tuesday, his first trip to the state since the coronavirus lockdowns began in March.

Florida also has an in-person early voting period that varies by county and begins as early as Oct. 19 and ends as late as Nov. 1, two days before Election Day.

As much as 75 percent of Florida’s vote could be cast before Election Day and, because of the way the state tabulates votes, it could be one of the first to report its results, although the state has a history of razor-thin election margins and recounts.

Bloomberg, one of the world's richest men, has bankrolled the Democratic Party, despite some high-profile politicians denouncing the billionaire’s funding in the past.

“Michael Bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020. He doesn’t need people, he only needs bags and bags of money. I think Michael Bloomberg is wrong,” former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren stated during her primary campaign.

“That’s exactly what’s now in play in 2020 — which vision, which version of our democracy is going to win. If Michael Bloomberg’s version of democracy wins then democracy changes. It’s going to be which billionaire you can stomach,” she added.

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