Protesters in Montreal demand an end to nonsensical religious restrictions

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With all due respect, Premier Legault, places of worship ARE essential!

At least that was the opinion of hundreds of demonstrators who showed up in Montreal last Sunday afternoon, marching to the summit of Mount Royal and clamouring for the province to relax attendance restrictions on churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship.

They certainly have a case when it comes to the so-called logic of the attendance rule. Which is to say, in Quebec, a church with, say, 80 seats is limited to 10 parishioners; meanwhile a cathedral that can accommodate, say, 1,400 parishioners is limited to... 10!? And meanwhile, just down the street, the local Walmart or Costco or any other big box store is jammed to the gills.

So, what’s the deal? The Wuhan virus hates religious folk... but loves consumerism?

Again, the rules are nonsensical, but that’s how governments, bureaucracies and public health officials roll these days when it comes to fighting the virus.

Too bad, because many would suggest the “cure” for this virus is far worse than the curse. So many people are depressed and even destitute these days (locking down the economy can have that effect on folks). But if they want to seek solace at their place of worship, they better make sure they are part of the first 10 at the door or they’re outta luck. Shameful.

Time will tell if the authorities pay heed to the demonstrators. But at least they were allowed by Montreal police to assemble and demonstrate (we did not witness anyone getting ticketed and/or arrested, even though police could have charged people for violating the social distancing rule).

Hey, Toronto Mayor John Tory: kindly take note when it comes to the Saturday anti-lockdown demonstrations in Hogtown, won’t you?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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