Second '1 Million March 4 Children' rally takes place in Montreal

'I am pro-LGBT, I am just anti-ideologies in schools,' said a concerned mother at the protest. 'As a child, I would have been a prime target to be transitioned, I was a tomboy.'

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On October 21, the second '1 Million March 4 Children' protest took place in Montreal. Some groups had initially canceled and postponed the event due to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

A significant counter-protest unfolded in front of 600 Fullum Street, the same location where the event was announced. A noticeable police presence was on-site, implementing preventive measures.

During the counter-protest, a man was arrested, although the reason for his arrest remains unknown.

The "1 Million March 4 Children" group gathered once more to voice their discontent regarding the indoctrination of children in schools. They advocated for the elimination of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology, and mixed bathrooms in schools.

One woman explained why it was important for her to be present at this demonstration:

My union sent out a message asking for us to show up on that side (counter-protester side), and so I changed my position and said I have to be here because my union is promoting the stuff that I personally take a stance against, and I have to show my support.

She also shared a personal story, saying, "as a child, I would have been a prime target to be transitioned. As a child, I was a tomboy. I had social issues. I didn't have a lot of friends. I played sports. I would have been told if I were a child today that I was a boy. But I am a woman. I am a happily married woman with a daughter."

Another protester said:

They are not of the appropriate age for this kind of material. While children in China or Japan are studying quantum physics, we are pushing our children here in Canada to engage in a confusing subject like the ideologies of identity, sexuality, or inappropriate material for four-year-old kids.

Concerns about indoctrination were shared by those present, with someone adding, "They're trying to force them to change their gender. They're trying to push them towards different ideologies. They don't respect them as they are. We come from different cultures. We protect and accept everybody. So, I'm wondering why they don't want to accept us as we are."

The protest remained calm despite the large presence of counter-protesters.

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