CBC vs. Reality: What REALLY happened at St. Thomas, Ontario's anti-lockdown protest

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We all know the mainstream media is biased at the best of times, and people critical of the official COVID-19 narrative understand this fact better than anyone else.

Freedom Rally goers have been subjected to a barrage of biased coverage from the mainstream media, whose reports continue to downplay the size of the events, vilify the attendees as violent radicals, and push a fear narrative that being outside poses some inherent public health risk.

These are the same mainstream media outlets that cover and promote racial social justice protests without mentioning COVID-19 or people's safety a single time, even when violence breaks out at the protests.

Yet in response to continually peaceful, respectful Freedom Rally assemblies, the mainstream press just can't be bothered to report the truth. They call them violent, dangerous, and harp about how they are spreading coronavirus.

In this video, I critique the mainstream coverage of the anti-lockdown Freedom Rallies, and speak to some goers about their experiences at the events. You wouldn't believe how different their accounts are from what you'd commonly see advertised in the CBC.

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  • By David Menzies


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