WATCH: Nas Daily calls Avi Yemini DANGEROUS but should look in the mirror

Rebel reporter Avi Yemini debates popular influencer Nas Daily

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Prolific vlogger Nas Daily has accused Avi Yemini of making the world dangerous by encouraging people to think critically.

However, after stunning news of the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, which Nas Daily enthusiastically promoted to his millions of followers, many of whom would have likely been grateful for Yemini's scepticism before investing in the failed scheme.

"Financial advice? Do not take it from someone who is a crook," the influencer said during their debate in Dubai last week.  

“Trust scientists and listen less to people like you,” he added.

Yemini fired back, arguing we should listen to everybody and evaluate what is said before making up our minds about things.

“If we’ve learned anything from Covid-19, it is that experts get so much wrong,” Yemini answered.

“I didn’t need to do all that study to call bull on Covid-19 two years ago. The people who said I was spreading misinformation, it turns out they were wrong.”

When challenged to name even one thing Yemini had said about Covid that was incorrect, the influencer responded by insisting that the Rebel reporter had no right to say anything about Covid – correct or otherwise - because he was not a biologist.

“Who says what matters,” Nas Daily argued. “You don’t understand biology to be able to have an opinion on vaccines.”

Yemini denied giving viewers medical advice, instead arguing he gave censored experts a platform.

“My message would be to listen to everyone. I don’t want people to take my word for anything. Critically think. When somebody tells you something, don’t just believe it. Take all the facts into consideration. As for the experts and the fact-checkers, well, today it turns out they were wrong.”

Nas Daily uploaded a heavily edited version of the two-hour debate, with most of his own audience in the comments believing Yemini won.

Stay tuned to over the coming days as we release parts of the debate that didn't make the final cut in Nas Daily's video.

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