This is the video Nas Daily doesn't want anyone to watch. So you know what to do.

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After a hectic couple of weeks reporting on the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, I'm finally back in Australia.

Every year, the who's who of the political and corporate elite gather here to rub elbows and scheme ways to re-engineer your life while their friends in the mainstream media are brought in to praise their "important" work on things like "fighting" climate change.

They even brought a few social media influencers to help spread their message.

When I bumped into one of these so-called influencers, Nuseir Yassin, the host of Nas Daily, I couldn't resist the urge to ask him about the carbon footprint he left behind flying to Switzerland to promote the WEF's climate agenda.

During the interview, he tried to turn the tables on me by claiming he did "more for climate change" than we have. But we're not the ones that come here to pretend like we care about the climate and tell you how to live to fix it.

That video has now been seen millions of times, but a funny thing happened when Nas uploaded his version of the interview — he cut out the most important exchange from our interaction!

Nas claimed I "ambushed" him and that he did me a favour by blurring out my face in his video.

But let's be honest — he only did that because he didn't want his millions of viewers to find the full interview and hear the other side of the story.

Nas and his friends pretend to care about climate change, but these climate hypocrites are all the same.

They accuse you of not "doing enough for the climate" while they happily travel around the world to shame people like us for our carbon footprint. Have they never heard about virtual meetings?

I gave Nas every opportunity to engage in the conversation and defend his hypocrisy. But he chose to run away instead.

Don't let Nas get away with this. Help me spread the truth by sharing this story/video with others.

For more reports from our time at the World Economic Forum in Davos, click here or go to



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