WATCH: Nas Daily SHUTS DOWN vaccine debate with Avi Yemini

Moderators step in to clean up for WEF during debate with Avi Yemini

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Moderators sensationally shut down Avi Yemini's debate with Nas Daily when the reporter challenged the global influencer on his assertion that the World Economic Forum (WEF) was full of good people doing good things.

Nas, whose videos are followed by more than 20 million people on Facebook, said he believed people should follow the advice of globalists like Bill Gates and those at the WEF, particularly regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine has people with hundreds of years of educational experience, who studied, researched it, and made a peer review conclusion that it’s safe to take it,” he said.

Yemini, who has never told people not to take the vaccine, asks Nas Daily if it was okay to lie about it to promote it.

“No-one is lying about it,” Nas responds.

Nas insisted that even asking questions was to spread “a conspiracy theory, and [Yemini] should probably be ashamed to say that stuff”.

“This is the difference between me and you,” Nas added. “You start with the idea that someone is bad, and everything they do is bad. I start with the idea that everyone is good and sometimes they make mistakes, but they are trying to be good.”

He said we had not reached the point where he would question the integrity or motives of scientists, vaccines or the World Economic Forum.

“We should listen to them and not to you,” he said.

But the moment Yemini expressed amazement that the influencer would be so trusting of experts whose advice had seen the world plunged into harsh lockdowns and free citizens subjected to vaccine mandates, the debate was suddenly shut down.

The moderator quickly cut Yemini off.

“Okay, enough. You’re going back and forth. Closing statements thank you,” she said.

The full two-hour debate is available completely unedited, exclusively for Rebel News+ subscribers, so you can see the full context of the debate.

Stay tuned to over the coming weeks as we release parts of the debate that didn't make the final cut in Nas Daily's video.

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