National Citizens Inquiry continues its journey westward

The citizen-led, citizen-funded public inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 response will hear three full days worth of testimony in Saskatoon.

National Citizens Inquiry continues its journey westward
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The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) is officially at its midway point. A group of commissioners has been travelling across Canada to hear testimony from people affected by mask mandates, vaccine mandates and business closures.

Hearings will run daily from April 20 to 22, from 9 AM to 5 PM CST.

A pharmacist will be outlining the financial incentives to inject Canadians with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines in the Saskatoon portion, as per a recent NCI news release.

Expert witnesses include:

  • Dr. Francis Christian- Surgeon
  • Ryan Orydzuk- Occupational Health and Safety Expert
  • James Kitchen – Canadian litigation lawyer
  • Steve Kirsch – Entrepreneur and Covid researcher
  • Ann McCormack – Retired Pharmacist
  • Maria Gutschi – Academic Pharmacist and researcher
  • Leighton Grey – Litigation lawyer
  • Professor Magda Havas – Environmental toxicologist
  • Dr. Chris Flowers – Radiologist and Covid expert

A full itinerary is now publicly available.

Previous testimonials have included people like former CBC journalist Rodney Palmer, who gave an in-depth analysis of how the mainstream media has engaged in propaganda instead of newsgathering throughout the COVID era.

CBC journalist Josh Crabb did cover a portion of the NCI in Winnipeg earlier this month.

The report correctly notes that many responsible for COVID-19 related restrictions and public health measures have been subpoenaed to testify for their justification, to no avail.

Previous testimonies include the likes of funeral director Laura Jeffery, grieving father Dan Hartman, vaccine-injured Meredith Klitzke, molecular biologist Laura Braden, and more.

NCI spokeswoman Michelle Leduc-Catlin told Rebel News at the wrap-up of the Toronto hearings that the thing she has found most disturbing throughout the inquiry is the lack of humanity in which people were treated with throughout the COVID hysteria.

Many testifiers, including Rebel News’ senior editor Tamara Ugolini, detailed how the fallout of COVID mania continues to negatively impact them.

The NCI will continue its proceedings in Red Deer, Alberta at the end of the month.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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