Nazis, Antifa set to clash on steps of Victorian Parliament

Groups with opposing radical ideaologies will face off this weekend.

Nazis, Antifa set to clash on steps of Victorian Parliament
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Opposing fringe activist groups appear set for a showdown on the steps of Victorian Parliament in Melbourne on Saturday.

The National Socialist Network alerted supporters on Telegram that the Nazi group would be holding a public rally at midday outside the Parliament to call for an 'end to non-white immigration' in Australia and called for members of the public to stand with them.

"We are organising in opposition to the system's importation of 715,000 immigrants over the next two years, further exacerbating the housing crisis and ethnic replacement of white Australians in their own suburbs and towns," the group posted.

"This will be a peaceful and legal demonstration open to all supporters and bystanders who wish to have their voice heard.

"Living space for whites! Stop immigration!"

Several Antifa groups on social media reacted to the news by alerting their own supporters of the planned demonstration, urging left-wing activists to disrupt the event in a show of force.

"Nazi's are rallying tomorrow at 12pm," one post read.

"Gather your mates and turn up to Vic Parliament at 11am to claim the steps.

"Melbourne stand up! Spread the word and bring your mates. Let's tell these Nazi scum to f--k off!"

It comes after a women's rights rally in Melbourne was marred by Nazis and Antifa counter-protesters in March, ultimately leading to the explusion of Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming who attended the event to support the 'Let Women Speak' event.

UK women's rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen, who organised the rally to give women a platform to discuss their issues, was smeared alongside Deeming as the event turned chaotic when it was hijacked by Nazi and groups.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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