Victorian Liberals oust Moira Deeming in definitive vote

Shifting tides in Victoria's Liberal Party with expulsion of Deeming following her attendance at a women's rights rally raises questions over Liberal Party's lack of true conservative values.

Victorian Liberals oust Moira Deeming in definitive vote
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In a decisive move, the Liberal Party has voted out MP Moira Deeming, marking a turning point in the party's direction. The decision passed by a significant margin, with 19 votes in favour and 11 against.

This reshuffling didn't stop at Deeming. Renee Heath, another conservative MP within the party, faced repercussions as she was stripped of her role as party secretary.

This reshuffling indicates an upheaval within the party structure as public criticism grows with some calling the new direction "Labor Lite".

MP Sam Groth signalled a new direction for the party, affirming that they would begin to "start listening to Victorians". This approach claims to reconnect the party with the "citizens they represent," suggesting a shift in their political strategy.

Senior MP David Davis supported the decision, emphasising its necessity for the party's future.

"This is about the future," Davis stated, expressing a strong and clear resolve. He further emphasised the party's desire to concentrate on the current Andrews Labor government.

"That is our focus, to provide an option to the community. It's an opportunity to go forward," Davis added, showing a clear determination to challenge the current government, which critics say they are immitating.

James Newbury, the MP representing Brighton and one of the key figures behind the motion, made his stance clear. "You cannot sue your boss and expect to keep your job," he declared, alluding to the reasons behind the expulsion.

Emerging from the pivotal meeting, Opposition Leader John Pesutto, accompanied by his deputy David Southwick, confirmed the successful motion to expel Deeming and demote Heath from her secretary position.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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