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NDP send Sheriffs to kick Keean out of Alberta legislature: UCP MLA responds

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Even after Alberta’s defenestrated the NDP in the last election, they seem to be still running the show at the Alberta Legislature – unilaterally determining who is and is not media, and even worse – siccing the Alberta Sheriffs on me.

Yes, even after the NDP have been kicked to the dustbins of history, unlikely to govern in Alberta for a generation at least – the Sheriffs have contracted a strange form of Stockholm syndrome from their old socialist masters.

While attending an NDP press conference today, I was approached by socialist Leah Ward, a longtime sycophant for the lame-duck Notley. Ward, visibly perturbed, approached me and demanded that I leave, because I was “not media” or a “journalist.”

The taxpayer-funded staffer told me that I had supposedly breached some vague journalism code, but couldn’t recall whichever sacred tenant I had violated. “Google it,” she told me.

After the press conference was delayed for ten minutes, the Sheriffs came to the NDP’s aid, demanding I leave the government building — the same building that the Sheriffs granted me official access to just minutes earlier!

I left to the main floor of the building, where the Sheriffs said I was welcome to stay. That was not good enough for the NDP, who stalked me through the corridors, sending the Sheriffs after me again.

That is when the UCP Minister of Infrastructure spoke up, saying he was formerly a “Wildroser” and would not let this stand.

WATCH to see what Prasad Panda told me.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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