Netflix subscriptions crash after 'Cuties'

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Cuties, the movie that spawned a flurry of backlash due to its exploitation of young girls, incurred a series of peaks and valleys over the recent controversy.

As reported by  NewsWeek, a data analytics campaign called YipitData calculated that the Netflix cancellation rate was eight times higher than usual on September 12. This coincided with a popular #CancelNetflix” trend making the rounds online.

While it's hard to tell how hard this hits Netflix without the actual amount of cancellations being made public, at the very least is much higher than usual.

While this campaign may have resulted in a large influx of cancellations (which could hurt the video giant in the long run), the controversy actually helped Netflix in terms of view count; Cuties saw a peak of #4  on the top U.S. movies on Netflix, also on September 12.

Moreover, Cuties is just the fourth French-language movie to break into the U.S. Netflix top 10 in 2020.

It wasn't just America though, Cuties made it into the top 10 in 17 different countries. This was not consistent with country size, nor other seemingly applicable factors. In the UK, the film did not crack the top 10.

In France, it's native country, it didn't make the top 10 either, whereas the aforementioned French-language films that performed well in the U.S. were also top five hits in France.

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