Never get out of your Prius when Black Lives Matter swarms you

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra predicted what America would look like if Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidency in November, based on daily violence happening in Democratic cities and states across America.

Ezra said:

And I want to show you a video from Los Angeles. It shows a man in a Prius, simply driving slowly through a crowd of protesters in the road.

He doesn't hit anyone. But they give chase, in a truck, and try to pull him out of the car.

When he pulls over in front of a police car, the driver is the one who gets arrested.

I tell you, I never thought I’d cheer for a Prius in my life before.

If I were an American, I’d feel a bit like the guy driving that Prius right now. I just hope I’d make it.

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