New concerns raised about integrity of the public inquiry into Canada’s deadliest mass shooting

The Mass Casualty Commission (MCC), a public inquiry into Canada’s deadliest mass shooting and its handling by the RCMP and Nova Scotia government, is still in session.

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In recent reports on the Commission's proceedingsRebel News informed you about allegations detailed in Mountie Darren Campbell’s notes and a scolding letter from the former director of communications for the Nova Scotia RCMP, that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, former Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair, and the Trudeau government all conspired to exploit the 2020 massacre where 22 innocent people were murdered, in order to further the Liberals' pending gun ban legislation.

Last Friday during the MCC proceedings different concerns were raised, this time aimed at the Commission itself after the Commission released its scheduled witnesses for the remainder of the summer. While much anticipated witnesses are set to appear, such as RCMP Commissioner Lucki, Supt. Campbell, and Lisa Banfield (former common law partner to the late mass murderer Gabriel Wortman), counsel for some of the victims' family members, Michael Scott, said the Commission's decision to restrict him from questioning Banfield "fundamentally undermines the purpose of the Commission."

“No one knows the perpetrator better than she does and nobody has more information about the events leading up to the mass casualty” Scott added. While interviewing Scott, he explained that one of the reasons the participants fought so hard for an inquiry versus a review is so that they could hear evidence from Ms. Banfield.

Rebel News reached out to the Commission for comment about the concerns and received the following statement:

“Given Ms. Banfield’s situation as a survivor of the perpetrator’s violence, as one of those most affected, and in light of the quality and quantity of information she has already provided to the Commission through five detailed interviews and the voluntarily sharing of evidence, the Commission believes it is in the public interest that all questions asked of Ms. Banfield from Participants be asked by Commission counsel.

“Legal counsel for all participants have the opportunity to provide questions to Commission counsel prior to her testimony. Participant counsel will then have additional opportunities to provide further questions to Commission counsel during two breaks in Ms. Banfield’s testimony, at which time legal representation for all Participants will meet, or caucus, to ensure any concerns and gaps in questioning are addressed.

“This approach is consistent with the authority granted to the Commission in its mandate to 'adopt any procedures…that (we) may consider expedient for the proper and efficient conduct of the Joint Public Inquiry.' In the Commission’s view, this also represents the most effective way to gather Ms. Banfield’s best evidence.

“It’s important to remember that a public inquiry is not a trial, nor is it about assigning blame. Public inquiries are about change. The Commission’s work is to determine what happened, and why and how it happened, in order to make recommendations that will help make communities safer in future.”

See the video report above to watch a recap of Friday's proceedings and hear more from Scott about his concerns with the Commission's process. Check out my live tweets during the proceedings to find out more a more details about the round table discussion on policing and forearms in rural communities that was held.

Rebel News has more reports to come about the developments being brought to light through this Commission, including bringing you reports you can trust about the Trudeau-RCMP mass shooting scandal.

A special thank you to all who have been donating at so that we were able to travel to Nova Scotia to have our boots on the ground and bring you these reports. Please also consider signing and sharing our petition there, to demand that RCMP Commissioner Lucki be fired from her position.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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