Notley-era NDP Minister: “Don't jump to conclusions” about Communism

Notley-era NDP Minister: “Don't jump to conclusions” about Communism
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In the dying days of Notley’s Alberta government, the cracks in the failing-Premier’s orange armor began exposing the red beneath.

Rebel News’ election exposé of the former Communist turned NDP star candidate Anne McGrath was just one example:

Shining the bright light on McGrath’s communist past led to Team Notley’s narrow defeat in the suburban Calgary riding – knocking out one of the last vestiges of the regime in Cowtown.

Since Notley’s rule ended, her comrades have doubled down on Communist dog-whistling and outright praise of the deadly ideology. Seemingly, they have nothing to lose – and Notley has no power to keep them in check.

Former Minister of Municipal Affairs Che Anderson—excuse me: Shaye Anderson— is no exception:

“I know some people will see the word Communist and jump to all kinds of conclusions but I’d say give it a read before you do that, it may surprise you,” the ex-Minister of Municipalities shared on Twitter, linking to extremist blog.

Communism isn’t all that bad! Don’t jump to conclusions! It only killed, what, 100 million innocents?

(It makes you wonder what the NDP's reaction would be if a Kenney minister shared a link to Mein Kampf.)

The blog post shared by Anderson was an essay written by none other than the leader of the Communist Party of Canada, (Anne McGrath’s old stomping grounds,) which called for the typical dismantling of the “capitalist crisis,” with the usual communist rhetoric referring to the “Central Committee” and the “struggle” which Communists love to fetishize.

The Commie in Chief goes on to say that “the pandemic has underlined all the ills of capitalism” — of course neglecting to mention that Communism literally birthed the global pandemic — and lamenting the Canadian government’s decision to follow through with international treaty obligations of arresting the Communist asset Meng Wanzhou.

“Canada has participated in this attack through its refusal to release Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested while in transit at the Vancouver airport. This is part and parcel of imperialism’s campaign to isolate China, to bar Chinese communications and information technology from Canada and to sharpen tensions internationally.”

Elizabeth Rowley, Leader of the Communist Party of Canada

When criticized for sharing the extremist article by neighbours and former constituents, Anderson replied

“It’s a free country. I’m allowed to read what I want.”

The hallmark of the Chinese Communist Revolution was of course, burning books.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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