NSW Greens push for abortion access in all public hospitals

The NSW Greens are advocating for "reproductive healthcare" and abortions to be available without political interference at all public hospitals in the state.

NSW Greens push for abortion access in all public hospitals
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The NSW Greens are urging for reproductive healthcare, including abortion, improved access to contraception, fertility treatment, menopause care, and gender-affirming care, to be provided without "political interference" in all public hospitals in the state.

Greens MP Jenny Leong stated that there are anti-choice sentiments present in both the NSW Liberal-National coalition and Labor and it is essential to ensure the public healthcare system can deliver these services.

Dr. Amanda Cohn, an Albury-Wodonga GP running for a seat in the upper house on the Greens ticket, emphasized the "importance of enabling choice" and "supporting individuals" making the significant decision to become parents or not.

As the state election approaches, the major parties are campaigning for economic relief. Premier Dominic Perrottet launched his campaign by announcing a signature policy of creating housing and education funds for young people to access when they turn 18.

The NSW Kids Future Fund will provide annual contributions of up to $400 into accounts for all children under 10 and newborns going forward.

On the other hand, Labor announced energy bill rebates for small businesses and households, balancing the need for immediate relief with longer-term energy system reform.

Opposition leader Chris Minns criticized the coalition for privatizing energy suppliers, leading to rising energy bills. Under Labor’s plan, eligible small businesses will receive a $315 rebate on their energy bills, and households receiving income support will be given a $250 deduction, meaning they would pay $500 less a year.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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