NSW Police throw themselves LGBTQ+ party during Covid lockdown

Mount Druitt Police investigated over potential violation of health orders.

NSW Police throw themselves LGBTQ+ party during Covid lockdown
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In a real ‘WTF’ moment for Australia’s Covid dictatorship, NSW Police have been forced to investigate themselves after photos emerged on Facebook of a party held inside a Western Sydney police station.

The party, which happened in July, may be in violation of Covid health orders. Sydney was under a strict stay-at-home directive at the time and the police station falls within one of the designated high-risk LGAs.

Images uploaded online show the celebration was held for ‘Wear it Purple Day’ which supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Police officers gathered together to share cake and snacks – a risky action that is forbidden under the current health restrictions imposed on the rest of Blacktown. In one photo, a police officer was not wearing a mask.

Over a dozen officers were present at the Mount Druitt Police Area Command festivities.


Happy Wear it Purple Day. Follow your rainbow and start the conversation!” said the Facebook post responsible for the images.


It was quickly deleted.

Social Justice Warrior and diversity events are not on the approved list of essential services allowed to take place. Police officers have an exemption to work, but not to throw parties.

Sydney residents are not entitled to host any parties during lockdown. The best they can do is register a friend with police as part of the government’s ‘singles bubble’ scheme – and that is only if they live within 5km. Residents can expect police to door-knock at any time during compliance checks.

The party at the police station has come off as insensitive to the struggles of the wider community.


'The NSW Police Force is aware of the images and an internal review is underway to determine if any there are any breaches of Public Health Orders,' said a police spokesperson to the Daily Mail Australia.


Even if there is no technical violation of Covid health orders, there is certainly a breach of the federal government’s mantra, ‘we’re all in this together’.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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