ObamaGate movie succeeds by telling just the facts | Phelim McAleer with Ezra Levant

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Late in September, television network Showtime launched a two part miniseries highlighting the experience had by former FBI director James Comey in his role under presidents Obama and Trump.

The problem with this piece of theatre is that it injects its own political narrative into the story, altering key moments to provide a different perspective to viewers.

Independent filmmaker Phelim McAleer however tells a much more factual story with his movie ObamaGate for a very simple reason: the entire script is based on official text messages, emails and documents sent by every party involved, from the aforementioned Comey to now-infamous ex-FBI agents Peter Strozk and Lisa Page.

On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show Phelim joined Ezra to discuss the benefits of using verbatim theatre to make the film, saying “every word you see here in this film, in ObamaGate, is 100 per cent verbatim. It was uttered or written by one of the people involved in the film.

Phelim also told Ezra that his goal for the film was to have more viewers than Showtime's miniseries The Comey Rule had when it debuted to an audience of 675,000 viewers. As of this writing, ObamaGate has more than 280,000 views.

Watch Obamagate for yourself:

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