INTERVIEW: Anna Slatz speaks with Ezra Levant from Washington about Anifa protestors

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, one of our newest Rebels, Anna Slatz, is now in Washington, DC, covering the ongoing protests and riots.

When asked about Antifa, Anna answered: 

When they come, they come fully dressed in black and they've got black... masks fully covering their faces. You can tell they're white from their hands and what you can see from their eyes. But, there have been some reports that they've been coming from out of the community.

Yesterday, a Black Lives Matter leader stopped early in the day to tell people 'Don't loot, this is our kids' future, this is their inheritance,' it was a really beautiful speech he gave... 'don't loot, don't destroy things, this isn't what we're here for.'

Anna joins me on video chat talk about what the situation is like now.