Outrage as transgender footballer dominates NSW women's league

Parents and women's rights groups are furious at Football NSW for allowing biological males to play in the female competition.

Outrage as transgender footballer dominates NSW women's league
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A New South Wales amateur football league has received thousands of complaints from parents upset that a biological male is dominating the female competition. According to a Reduxx report, Football NSW League One has five transgendered players registered in the women’s competition.

Parents and players have taken to Facebook to condemn the league for allowing the players, one of whom is dominating the competition and leading the goal scoring tally, to compete against females.

“Biological adult males and it’s not just one, it is several, are playing in NSW women’s state league competitions, which contain teenage girls and young women,” one parent wrote.

“Shame on those clubs, who have discarded any morals they might have had so as to be able to win, where’s the dignity? You put winning above respect for the competition.”

Women’s rights groups are also slamming Football NSW for the decision to register trans women in the women’s league. Kirralie Smith, a spokeswomen from Binary Australia, told The Daily Mail:

“Football NSW has failed to answer the simple questions, ‘What is a woman?’ and ‘Why have a woman’s division if men can play in it.’ They have failed in safeguarding fairness and safety for girls and women.”

Binary Australia organised a complaint-writing campaign to Football NSW, which reportedly received more than 12,000 submissions.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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