Pastor Artur Pawlowski's son held in COVID jail despite negative COVID test

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Normally, when we hear about a Pawlowski being thrown in jail, we expect to see Pastor Artur Pawlowski or his brother Dawid being locked up for daring to gather for worship or, heaven forbid, feeding the homeless. But this time it is Artur’s eldest son, Nathaniel, who has been thrown into a different kind of jail — a COVID jail.

Nathaniel had been touring the United States with his father as they continue to share the story of Pastor Artur's dramatic arrest and time in jail. Many Canadians are failing to grasp the magnitude or significance of the arrests of four pastors in Alberta alone, but Americans, and indeed the entire world, are following the stories closely. Artur and Nathaniel have met some of the most influential men and women in America and shared the cautionary tale of government overreach that has become so endemic in Canada.

Keep your eyes peeled, because next week we will have an exclusive interview with all the details about their trip with Pastor Artur himself.

After weeks of travel across the U.S., Nathaniel was set to return home to Calgary. He expected to be forced to isolate upon his return, but, despite a negative COVID test, he was held up in Montreal and forced to stay in a COVID jail there.

I spoke to Nathaniel on the phone directly from his “quarantine hotel” room to discuss the trip abroad and his experience of being forced to stay in a COVID jail.

Months ago, the idea of a COVID jail was laughed off as an absurd conspiracy theory. And it’s true, everything about them is absurd, but they are now a matter of fact in Canada. Rebel News is suing the Trudeau government to put an end to this madness, if you want to help fund our legal efforts, please go to

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  • By Ezra Levant

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