Pastor Derek Reimer court update

Pastor Derek Reimer appeared in court for a bail hearing after an arrest on breach of bail conditions.

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Pastor Derek Reimer was back in court today, March 17th for a bail hearing for his most recent arrest that occured on alleged breach of his bail conditions on March 15th.

Rebel News has been on the case of Pastor Derek Reimer after he was initially charged with causing a disturbance, mischief, and 6 other counts of harassment after protesting a childrens “Reading with Royalty” or “drag queen story hour” at Seton Public Library on February 26th. At this event, Derek was forcefully removed from the room and thrown to the ground after attempting to voice his concerns with the group while sharing the good news. He was then arrested near his home on March 2nd after the mayor Jyoti Godek took to twitter and advocated for crackdown on such protests. Furthermore, on March 14th, City Council passed The Safe and Inclusive Access bylaw in which protestors of drag story times may face up to 1 year in prison and or a 10k fine if found within 100m of the event.



In support of free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to protest, Rebel News in partnership with the Democracy Fund was able to hire a lawyer for Derek Reimer to fight his legal challenges. You can support Derek by heading to where you can leave a tax deductible donation.

Derek’s initial bail conditions restrain him from communicating with someone from the LGBTQ community, even for spiritual counseling. He must also not attend at or within 200 meters of the address(es) or location(s) described as any LGBTQ+ community event.



Derek Reimer was arrested for a second time this month as he was spotted allegedly just under his 200m requirement which would be in breach of his bail conditions. Derek was standing with a group of people drinking coffee in a parking lot at Westhills shopping center, while a Reading With Royalty event was taking place at the Signal Hill Public Library a distance across the street. They weren't there for long until police spotted Derek and had swarmed the area even blocking traffic for a brief moment to assist the police officers into the area. Derek was taken down and thrown into a police vehicle and was taken back to jail. While this was happening, the group he was with were expressing their displeasure with the arrest and how the Calgary mayor has been treating Christians.



Pastor Derek Reimer was back in court today on Friday, March 17th for a bail hearing on the breach based on his recent arrest.

I appeared this morning to get the updates but for the third time, the crown prosecutor was absent and court was adjourned. This time to March 22. This means Derek Reimer remains behind bars.
Additionally, the Calgary Remand Centre wasn't even aware that Pastor Derek was to appear in court today. Luckily his defense lawyer was still able to get a hold of him.

Derek Reimer has a dedicated lawyer fighting his case. To help Pastor Derek’s defence fund you can make a donation at You can also follow that link to get all the recent updates on this story.



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