Pedophile jailed in America might be home free in Canada: Public Safety won't answer

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The deadline for Canada to choose to repatriate convicted pedophile Robert Scheiring was on August 26, 2020.

But Public Safety isn't telling us if he's been brought back to Canada or if he's still in an American jail.

Child sex offender Robert Scheiring hasn't lived in Canada for two decades, but he might be on his way back here to serve out the rest of his sentence, which means he will be a free man.

According to the CBC:

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair must decide this week whether to allow a Canadian man serving a sentence for child pornography in the U.S. to transfer back to Canada — a move that would see him released immediately from custody and shave two years off his time behind bars.

If Blair grants the transfer, he'll override a decision made by his predecessor, Ralph Goodale.

In a May 28 ruling, the Federal Court gave the federal government 90 days to reconsider Goodale's decision to block Robert Scheiring's return to Canada on the grounds that he poses a threat to public safety and that he had abandoned his ties to Canada.

If Scheiring remains in the states, he will be on supervision for the rest of his life, the way child sex offenders should.

But that supervision condition disappears if Scheiring comes to Canada.

So, I emailed Public Safety to ask about the results of the August 26 deadline.

Here's what I asked:

  1. Has the minister decided to bring Scheiring back to Canada?
  2. If Scheiring is coming back to Canada, when will that happen? Has it already happened?
  3. If Scheiring is coming back, what reasons were given for that decision?
  4. If Scheiring is coming back, where is he going to live and what steps, if any, are being made to alert the community where he will live?

And you know what they told me?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They didn’t respond at all.

WATCH the video to learn about the extent of Scheiring's disgusting crimes, his move to the United States and how Public Safety Minister Bill Blair is doing a very poor job of protecting public safety.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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