PETITION DROP OFF! 50,000 Canadians want Dr. Theresa Tam FIRED

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Over 50,000 Canadians have signed our petition to have Dr. Theresa Tam fired. The reasons they did so are countless, and you can still add your name by visiting

Tam gaslit Canadians, trying to convince us that medical grade masks were worthless to halt the spread of COVID-19 — all to save face for Trudeau, who'd already forfeited our emergency supplies to China.

Tam also called Canadians “racist” for wanting to close our borders early on in the outbreak. Doing so could have saved lives – and that blood is on our Chief Medical Officer’s hands.

We wanted to hand this petition to Trudeau himself, but he proved too elusive, so we went to Dr. Tam’s office.

Tam had skipped work that day, opting not to go to a House of Commons committee hearing. Tam skips out on her duties often, you see. When provincial authorities all met to hear from Dr. Tam and the federal government, she decided her time was better spent with her globalist bosses at the WHO. Provinces could just deal with the outbreak themselves, Tam must have thought to herself.

I am happy to report that myself and my cameraman went to her office in Ottawa, and delivered the petition successfully. If she won’t be fired by Trudeau, maybe she will just do the right thing and resign.

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  • By Ezra Levant


75,657 signatures
Goal: 100,000 Signatures

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  • By Keean Bexte


31,821 signatures
Goal: 35,000 Signatures

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