Petty bylaw enforcers repeatedly ticket Mississauga sports bar, question owners' religion

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Meet Muhammad Hussein. He’s the owner of Reddafire Sports Bar & Caribbean Cuisine, located in Mississauga, Ont.

As you can imagine, business has been brutal due to the pandemic. Peel Region has been in Grey Zone lockdown for a few months now, meaning sit-down service is prohibited, and restaurants are only allowed to provide takeout and delivery.

Muhammad has been playing by the rules and working long hours, but it would seem that Mississauga bylaw enforcement is doing everything in its power to kill the Reddafire Sports Bar.

In the past two months, bylaw has issued three tickets and a summons to Muhammad. Why? In one instance, he allowed customers to wait in his restaurant as their takeout food was being prepared (as we all know, it gets cold here in wintertime, and Muhammad wanted his customers without cars to stay warm). Apparently, this made the restaurant a super-spreader venue in the eyes of bylaw — even though nearby, Walmart and Costco are packing customers in by the hundreds!

There were other petty charges, too, but perhaps the most egregious thing was one bylaw officer taking on the role of Sharia law cop. Muhammad alleges that an officer chastised him for selling alcohol, saying: “What kind of a Muslim are you?”

What? How outrageous is that? It’s bad enough Muhammad is getting fined based on utter pettiness, but he should endure a morality sermon from a city official, too?

Well, not on our watch. Muhammad Hussein is our latest Fight The Fines candidate. We are going to provide him with a top notch criminal lawyer so we can attempt to get some justice in a court of law for this beleaguered restaurateur. And if you would like to help crowdfund the legal fees, please do so at by kindly making a donation. Thank you.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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