Philadelphia Police precinct attacked by rioters, National Guard called in

Philadelphia Police precinct attacked by rioters, National Guard called in
Credit: Gavi Shapiro
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Rioters engulfed Philadelphia in a second night of violence on Tuesday as bands of looters broke into numerous businesses to protest the shooting death of a black man who charged at police officers with a knife earlier this week.

The fresh round of unrest occurred despite the presence of hundreds of National Guard deployed by Gov. Tom Wolf following riots on Monday. Activists took to the streets to protest the shooting of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. who was shot and killed.

A Black Lives Matter protest that began peacefully in the evening at a police precinct erupted into violence when the mob encountered, and then attacked a handful of police officers, whom they threw brick and other projectiles at. CNN reports that at least one officer was injured at the scene.

Looting then broke out throughout other parts of the city as other mobs formed throughout the city, some of which were organized on social media by Antifa militants and Black Lives Matter activists.

Much of the footage was captured by journalists on the ground, which showed looters ransacking a Foot Locker, Dollar Tree, Chick-fil-A, and a Walmart, among dozens of other stores. While reporting for The Blaze, video journalist Elijah Schaffer was jumped by looters. Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott captured the moment he was attacked.

At the scene of a CVS, occupants of a vehicle suspected to be stolen collided into a truck that was stopped at the intersection and tipped it over before fleeing upon the arrival of the police.

Amid the riots, at least five people were shot citywide, three of whom were killed according to Fox29 Philadelphia reporter Jennifer Joyce.

“While Philly was bracing for and experiencing riots and protests this evening, at least 5 more people were shot citywide, 3 of them died. These shootings did NOT occur at riot locations. Homicides in 2020 have surpassed 400,” the station reported.

Black Lives Matter activists threatened, assaulted, and abused Jewish residents who had come out onto the street with claims that they “don’t live here” and accused them of being the “Synagogue of Satan.”

"The Philadelphia Police Department is requesting that all residents in the 12, 16, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26th Districts remain indoors except when necessary," Philadelphia’s office of emergency management tweeted. "These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting."

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