Piers Morgan scores own goal with controversial tweets

Commentator lands in hot water again as he strikes out at 'anti-vaxxers'

Piers Morgan scores own goal with controversial tweets
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Controversial commentator Piers Morgan has caused public outrage (again) over a series of controversial tweets.

Morgan, 56, who has recently been hired by Sky News Australia to replace Alan Jones, says that he contracted Covid while attending Wembley for the Euro 2020 final on July 11. Despite being fully vaccinated, he wrote in the Mail about being very sick and has since been suffering from ‘long-Covid’.

Aside from frequently tweeting in support of Covid vaccines, Morgan has also been vocally aggressive toward so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ online.

On December 19, Morgan came out with a statement that shocked many in the football community over its callousness and implied cruelty.

Footballers who refuse to be jabbed should be refused treatment for injuries. After all, why should they trust doctors about treatment for broken legs and torn ligaments if they don’t trust them about a life-saving vaccine?”

When it was pointed out by ex-Chelsea player John Terry that Morgan’s statement was ‘shocking’, Morgan replied, “Why? Footballers get jabbed with stuff all the time, why are they being so pathetic about Covid vaccines when so much is at stake? The really shocking thing is that UK footballers are massively less vaccinated against Covid than their European counterparts. It’s insane.”

Morgan, who is a smoker, has not made any similar suggestions that people who drink, smoke, or take part in risky activities should be denied medical treatment.

The reason for vaccine hesitancy among football players is partly to do with the new phenomena of young, fit players collapsing on the field in unusually high numbers. Although FIFA has denied any links to Covid vaccinations and a cardiologist called it a ‘co-incidence’ after five high-profile players collapsed in the same week, the fact remains that heart inflammation is a documented side effect of Covid vaccines.

The Israeli Real-Time News reported a five-fold increase in sudden cardiac incidents among FIFA players in 2021, noting that 183 professional athletes and coaches had collapsed suddenly, with 108 dying. According to their investigation, between 2001 and 2021, on average 5 players a year die of a heart condition on the field. In 2021, 21 players have died.

FIFA is not aware of a rise in episodes of cardiac arrests as indicated in your email and no cases have been flagged in relation to individuals receiving a COVID vaccine. Generally speaking, FIFA is in regular contact with leading research centres and experts to do research on a variety of medical topics,” said a representative from FIFA, when asked about the rise in heart issues.

The Daily Mail also ran an article detailing the unusually high number of football stars suffering from a range of heart conditions listed as side effects from Covid vaccines that have ended their professional sporting careers.

The worrying spate of heart-related episodes in football has raised concerns over links with Covid and the vaccination programme to prevent it,” wrote the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail also concluded that it was a coincidence.

The Euro Weekly News published a list of players showing that while some of the collapsed footballers had not had the vaccines, many others had. The results are inconclusive, but the concern from players is, at the very least, understandable until more information comes to light.

It’s not only footballers. Florian Dagoury – a world champion freediver who could hold his breath for 10 min and 30 seconds, posted an Instagram saying, ‘Myocarditis and Periarditis – thanks Phizer vaccin! [sic]’. For now, it has ended his career.

Piers Morgan has even turned his Twitter attention on Dr Fauci – a figure previously revered for his work on Covid vaccines.

Ridiculous thing to say. Fauci needs to stay off the airwaves, he does more harm than good now.”

The day prior to his post about denying footballers medical care, Morgan posted a tweet suggesting a new government slogan, “The Govt should promote vaccines/boosters to the sceptical with this slogan: ‘Don’t be a prick – get the prick.’

And another, “There appears to be a direct correlation between the words ‘STOP SCARE-MONGERING!!!!!’ and unbelievably stupid people.”

Whatever Morgan’s personal views on vaccination, suggesting that people be denied medical treatment is a comment likely to land him in hot water for a while.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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