Plastic water bottle boycott at Enviro Canada: Status of drink box water bottle sort of things unclear

Environment Canada is expanding their mandate to reduce plastic waste by telling their employees to boycott plastic bottled water.

The move by Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson (North Vancouver) was first reported in Blacklock's:

“Environment Canada has adopted both a policy on reducing plastic waste from departmental operations, and a directive accompanied by guidance to reduce plastic waste in its meetings and events.”

Records show that other federal departments have purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of bottled water, for everything from keeping veterans refreshed at D-Day observances in France to providing a clean alternative to diplomats traveling to foreign countries with bad tap water.

According to Wilkinson's Inquiry of Ministry, not all bottled water was for such a good cause, including the purchase of 15 bottles for podium speakers at a seminar held by the Canada School of Public Service.

Still no word on the status of Trudeau's paper drink box water bottle sort of... things.

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