Police allegedly peer through window, issue fines for illegal dinner gathering

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Isaac and Helen Braun have been recent targets of law enforcement, for having the audacity to host their usual Sunday dinner with family friends.

They came to us at Rebel News through our Fight The Fines portal. Unsure of what coloured zone they were in, and what restrictions applied where, the Brauns did not realize they were in contravention of any sort of COVID laws. With rules and regulations changing constantly, who can keep up anymore?!

Local police showed up at the Braun residence that evening to issue what appeared to be a warning. They stated that they were responding to apparent complaints of people gathering inside of the home. Isaac alleges that police took it upon themselves to count just how many people were inside his home by peering into his window, unbeknownst to him. That may be referred to as prowling at night.

It wasn’t until a few days later that police returned to the Braun residence to formally “summons” Isaac to court. When he called the court, as per the summons, to inquire about the proceedings, the court informed Isaac that they would call him at some unspecified date to follow up.

Isaac has since put up new blackout blinds, urging his neighbours to mind their own business and for the police to work on curbing actual crime. He’s also contemplated withholding taxes if these overreaches continue. Unlike a fine wine, these COVID fines beg the question: will they get stale with age?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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