Police arrest mask-exempt man trying to buy groceries at Fortinos

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Fortinos’ slogan is, “Your supermarket with a heart.”

Too bad the Hamilton, Ont. Fortinos acted in such a heartless fashion towards Kyle Turcotte.

Kyle recently went grocery shopping at this Fortinos. Alas, Kyle has a legitimate medical condition that prevents him from wearing a face mask. Yet, the moment he stepped foot in the supermarket, the “COVID-Karens” on staff chastised him for not masking up — even though the bylaw specifically exempts people from wearing a mask if they have a medical issue.

What’s more, although Kyle wasn’t obligated to do so, he showed the Fortinos staff a letter from his doctor confirming his condition.

And what did the “supermarket with a heart” do? Well, like so many other retailers of late, it played the “our-corporate-policy-trumps-the-law” card. (Methinks the stores that are going this route are in for a shock in courts of law in the near future.)

Not only did they prevent Kyle from shopping, but the Fortinos staff called the cops on him! And for having the temerity of trying to purchase groceries from Fortinos, Kyle left the premises empty-handed (except, of course, for a hefty fine for “trespassing” as well as a letter from the store banning him from entry for the next six months).

“Your supermarket with a heart,” eh?

Kyle also alleges the police roughed him up, even though he says he gave them no reason to do so.

Yet again, we have another case of an individual’s civil liberties being eclipsed by the fear factor that is the Wuhan virus. This is not right; this is unacceptable.

And so it is that Kyle Turcotte is our latest Fight The Fines candidate. We are now in the process of arranging for a top-notch criminal lawyer to represent Kyle. And it won’t cost him a nickel, as we shall be crowd-funding his legal fees.

Would you like to help out Kyle? If so, please visit FightTheFines.com, and if you are able to, kindly make a donation. Our thanks in advance. After all, shopping for groceries should not be a crime.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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