POLL: Majority of Orthodox Jews support Trump

POLL: Majority of Orthodox Jews support Trump
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A new poll shows that if the US Presidential election were held today, 83 per cent of Orthodox Jews in America would vote for Donald Trump. 

The poll, conducted by Ami Magazine, surveyed 1,000 “Ultra” Orthodox/Chareidi to Modern Orthodox Jews across 22 states and found both strong support for Trump, but also a strong belief that Trump's treatment in the mainstream media is “Mostly Unfair” (76 per cent).

Gun Rights, COVID Response Also Polled

When asked for thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, 14 per cent of respondents agreed that the “threat is exaggerated and the government guidelines are unnecessary," while 32 per cent urged that "everyone should follow the government guidelines” and 37 per cent split the difference, agreeing that COVID-19 is a “real threat but the government guidelines are excessive.”

On the question of gun rights, here's how reactions turned out when asked “In the wake of recent mass shootings, how would you feel about the presence of trained and armed congregants attending your shul or communal events (in compliance with local and state law, of course)?”:

  • 57 per cent would feel more safe
  • 28 per cent are not sure
  • 15 per cent would feel less safe

Men, “Ultra” Orthodox Show Stronger Support for Trump

Sex differences in voting preferences show men have a stronger preference for Trump (86 per cent) over Joe Biden (9 per cent). Women aren't far behind with 77 per cent support for Trump compared to 18 per cent for Joe Biden. 

Further, “Ultra” Orthodox/Chareidi showed the most support for Trump (95 per cent) while Modern Orthodox showed a cooler response, with 56 per cent supporting Trump and 40 per cent supporting Joe Biden.

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