Melania Trump's speech shines | Lisa Song Sutton recaps Night Two of the Republican National Convention

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Last night marked the second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention. As on the first night, the RNC presented a wide variety of speakers, one of whom was Jon Ponder.

Jon Ponder, a Las Vegas local, founded a non-profit organization called Hope for Prisoners that helps former felons re-enter society. It helps them find jobs and reconnected with their families. Hope for Prisoners does tremendous work within the community and I was glad to see a fellow Nevadan recognized for his good work.

I appreciate that last night showcased the strong women and mothers who work in the President's administration. His press secretaries in particular, from Sarah Sanders to Kayleigh McEnany, have the daunting job of dealing with an unforgiving and very biased media every single day, and each of them have balanced it beautifully in addition to being wives and mothers.

It was lovely to hear from Melania Trump. The First Lady has handled her role, especially in such a contentious environment, with class and grace. She shared her personal story about her goal of one day moving to America and thanking her parents.

Of course, many liberals singled the First Lady out for abuse online during her speech, with actress and singer Bette Midler mocking Melania’s accent on Twitter.

Yes, our First Lady, like my mother and countless immigrants, has an accent because English isn’t their first language. It's unfortunate to see the hate from the "loving and tolerant” left but sadly, not surprising any more.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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