Trump spreads a message of hope and inspiration on #RNC Night 4

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On the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention, we heard from nationally known leaders like Rudy Giuliani, Ivanka Trump and of course, President Trump himself.

Ivanka's speech was about results, and that's what the American people want to hear. The President has been in office for three years, and in that time he has taken decisive action and policy initiatives to help the people. It's a stark contrast to the doom and gloom of the left and the irony of Joe Biden, having been an elected official for over 47 years, still touting what he plans to do.

For me, it was great to hear from Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which is based here in Las Vegas. Dana’s speech reminded everyone about how crucial our first responders are, and how radical and outrageous it is for the left to be calling to “defund the police.”

This year's Republican National Convention was one of hope and inspiration.

America is a great country and she deserves to be defended. American citizens want strong elected officials who will not bend the knee to a looting mob. Peaceful protests are a Constitutional right, however, and we deserve a leader who will never forget that, and will stand up to injustice and support our small businesses and communities.

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