Pro-China protesters attempt to shutdown China Virus book launch: Sheila and Keean join Ezra

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The July 21 edition of The Ezra Levant Show was a special occasion, filmed on location in Alberta at the sold out book launch for China Virus

And since the event was held in Alberta, it made perfect sense for a couple of special guests to accompany Ezra: Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte!

Speaking with Ezra before the event started, Sheila shed some light on the threats that were directed towards the event:

Our restaurant had some threats. Threats to call the police, to call the health inspector to have the event shut down, as [Ezra] pointed out, an attempted bribe. Sure seems like intimidation, and sure looks organized based on where the numbers were coming from and how the people sounded. All the numbers were coming from a Calgary area code, the restaurant owner told us many of them had Asian accents. It seems like it's a coordinated effort form the consulate or some of Beijing's fingers that are here in Canada

Keean also shared his thoughts on the event, saying that it reminded him of his experience in Innisfail, Alberta:

Here we have agents I think I'm convinced  it's agents of the Chinese consulate in Calgary calling here, harassing here, bribing these people to cancel this event. Just like in Innisfail, we had yuppies  these leftist radicals coming in to harass these people of small town Innisfail that they were racist, that they needed to change their ways and that because they were white they were apart of the problem. It's the same situation, just different current political problems. 

How'd the event go? You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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