Pro-Israel Torontonians counter protest U of T 'Little Gaza' tent city

A demonstration titled 'Stand With Students Against AntiSemitism' formed on U of T grounds to counter the pro-Hamas encampments on campus.

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In Toronto, U of T administrators issue meaningless warnings and notices of trespass against the pro-Hamas encampments – all of which get ignored. Now the university is seeking a court injunction to remove the rank-and-file members of the Hitler Youth Movement: The Next Generation.

But get this: that hearing isn’t scheduled until June 19! That means staging convocation ceremonies on the now-mutilated lawns of King’s College Circle are forfeited, given those ceremonies were scheduled to kick off on June 3. The reluctance to do the right thing is disgraceful.

We went to U of T to check out a demonstration called 'Stand with Students Against Anti-Semitism', and folks, there's no shortage of antisemitism here on campus.

Par for the course, the unhappy campers at Little Gaza did what they could to disrupt the gathering, including trying to drown out the speakers with sound-generating devices. Alas, the pro-Hamas hooligans did what they do so well, both at Little Gaza and Gaza Classic: they failed.

Just prior to the demonstration, the Toronto Police Service announced that it had arrested and charged Hesham Aly, 36, of Toronto with assault stemming from an incident at “Little Gaza”. He is scheduled for a court date on July 9.

Shockers! Aly had previously been charged in January during one of the pro-Hamas protests that had taken place on the overpass in the Avenue Road and Highway 401 area. Unbelievable.

So much for the narrative of “mostly peaceful protest.” And little wonder why according to a recent poll, less than 20% of Canadians support these hateful encampments.

President Gertler, the ball is in your court. Do the right thing: channel your inner Clint Eastwood a la Gran Torinio and tell these thugs to get off the lawn!

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