Protest emerges to counter anti-Israel encampment at Victoria Square

Four days after the erection of a new anti-Israel encampment at Victoria Square, Montreal citizens have gathered to express their frustration towards the inaction of Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante regarding the encampments in the city and rising antisemitism.

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On June 25, some residents of Montreal called for action against a new anti-Israel encampment that had been set up over the weekend at Victoria Square. They named their demonstration "Taking Back Our Public Spaces," expressing frustration with Montreal's mayor, Valérie Plante, for not addressing the issue of illegal encampments and failing to bring peace and order to the city.

During the demonstration, several speeches were made while anti-Israel supporters gathered on the opposite side to show their support for the encampment. "We came here to express to the government that there is no need for this to happen," one demonstrator said. "There is no reason for this to stay in public spaces. We can't deal with this anymore."

"The mayor should care about the Canadian citizens," continued the same demonstrator. "We cannot deal with this thuggish behaviour in our country anymore. Why is this happening? We are here as Canadians, as Quebecers, as people of this country saying no more to this anti-behavior."

Another Montrealer mentioned, "This is no longer the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; it's their new movement to overthrow the Quebec government, the Canadian government, and the people of Montreal."

Another person shared personal experiences: "I woke up one morning in November and my kids' school got shot at. My brother at Concordia got punched in the face. Why do these people want me and my children dead? They were celebrating in our street. Madame Plante, we wrote to you, we protested in front of you, and you are nowhere to be seen. We want you to act. The police are ready to act. Everybody is ready. We want our city back."

"The antisemitism that we see, the hate, the violence, and the tolerance from our elected government," one demonstrator noted. "Madame Plante, where are you? What's happening? This is not your city. Bring it back. We want our city back."

The residents' concerns highlighted a broader frustration with the city's handling of public spaces and illegal encampments.

"We cannot allow them to take over the city, let alone the country," one participant declared. "What honestly seems like a mix of radical leftism and radical Islam, which is a very bizarre combination if you think about it, but both have the same goal: destroying the West."

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