No Fly Zone: Protesters rally against Canada purchasing new fighter jets — because of carbon emissions

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Hey… Did you know that October 2nd was the National Day of Action against... the Canadian government buying new fighter jets?!

Last Friday, about a dozen people gathered outside the office of Toronto-based Liberal MP Julie Drabusin to demand that the plan to purchase new fighter jets be tossed aside in the name of facilitating “a green and just economy for all.”

You see, that $19 billion could be better spent elsewhere. And fighter jets have such a huge carbon footprint! I wish I were making this up.

I visited the belligerent peaceniks to ask them a few, simple questions about their motives and goals, but (as usual) good answers were few and far between. I found they were unable to articulate even their most basic positions (like what the Green New Deal was they all support so much), and I exposed their hypocrisy on fossil fuels while they were using fossil fuel-based products right in front of my eyes!

The good news: I later discovered that October 2nd is also National Fried Scallops Day.

Now THERE’S a day worth celebrating!


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  • By Ezra Levant


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